Sea kayak

Experience Norddalsfjord and Tafjord from a sea kayak. Magnificent landscape hidden from cruise traffic and mass tourism.

With Valldal village as your starting point there are numerous short paddles, as well as the opportunity for longer trips. We arrange guided kayak tours, courses, rental and tailored tours


Rental from 300,-
Guiding from 550,-


5 years and up togther with an adult


April – October


From 3 hours

Guided tour to Fjørå – 4 hours


Price NOK 990,- per person. (Group pricing available – see pricelist)   

Join our 4 hour tour at beautiful Norddalsfjord and hidden Tafjord. Quite and exclusive, without cuiseships and mass tourism.

We start and stopp in Valldal. We paddle along the Syltefjellet mountain, before we enter Tafjord. A hidden UNESCO world heritage fjord. This leads us past Vika and Fjørå. From Fjørå we cross the fjord and paddle over to Osvika, an old farm located at the shoreline. Here we go ashore and enjoy a delicious lunch. The final part goes back to Valldal center along the other side of the fjord. On the return we experience the meeting between the old society and the modern fishing industry, as well as a majestic waterfall. During the tour our guide will give you local history-, culture- and nature-knowledge, and make sure you can relax and enjoy the tour.

This is a perfect tour for both beginners and experts. Just long enough and in lovely surroundings. Lunch included.

Guided tour to Vikasætra – 5-6 hours


Price NOK 1290,- per person. (Group pricing available – see pricelist)   

Join a combined kayaking and hiking tour, and experience calm kayaking down at the fjord, history and old memories, not at least spectacular fjord view.

We paddle from Valldal along Syltefjellet and cross over to Kvernhusneset where we go ashore. We leave our kayaks here and hike up in steep terrain to Vikasætra, 450 meters above the fjord. After approx one hour hike we arrive at Vikasætra, an old mountain farm with stunning views of the fjord and Valldal. We enjoy our delicious lunch with local food at the farm before we take the same route back. During the tour our guide will give you local history-, culture- and nature-knowledge, and make sure you can relax and enjoy the tour.

Suitable for everyone in good physical condition. Wear good shoes for the hike. Lunch pack included.

Guided tour to Tafjord – 7-8 hours


Price NOK 1490,- per person. (Group pricing available – see pricelist)   

Experience the stunning Tafjord with its magnificent scenery where waterfalls thundering down the fjord side, idyllic mountain farms and not least a fjord that is sheltered from the larger boats and cruise traffic. Tafjord is a UNESCO world heritage fjord, along with Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, but it`s hidden and untouched by mass tourism.

The tour goes from Valldal to Tafjord, personalixing with one or several breaks along the way. We will at least enjoy one long lunch break serving you local food. There will be a lot of opportunists take photos, so bring you camera! During the tour our guide will give you local history-, culture- and nature-knowledge, and make sure you can relax and enjoy the tour.

This is a slightly longer tour and we usually spend 4-5 hours to paddle this section. Transportation back from Tafjord and lunch pack included.

Guided family tour – 3 hours


Price NOK 650,- per person. (Group pricing available – see pricelist)
Family deal (2 adults – 2 children under 15 years) – NOK 1600,-  

This is the perfect tour for families who wants to explore the fjords from a sea kayak. Together you will experience an amazing landscape, be told tales of the sea monster “Sylteormen”, and experience fellowship and coping. We will adapt each tour to the families needs and desires, and there will of course be time to play and have fun. If we are lucky we could see an eagles flying by or a purpose checking us out.

This is an easy tour, prefect for the adventures families.

Children between 5 and 10 years must sit an a double kayak  with an adult.

Lunch with local delicacies

At all our guided kayak tours (except family tour) we serve a delicious lunch consisting of local delicacies, including both hot and cold drinks. We find it important and also giving our guided tours another dimension serving you a food experience. Like we say, “You have to taste the food to fully experience the magnificent nature”.

If you have any allergies or diets, please leave a note when booking.

Sea kayak rental

Sea kayaking is the best way to experience the fjords! We have kayaks for rent, both single and double. Rent includes sprayskirt, paddles and west. With Valldal as a starting point we recommend short trips to Vika, Fjørå, Osvika or Linge. If you have an entire day to spend and are in good shape it’s possible to paddle to Tafjord and back.

Please note that everyone who rents single kayaks with us must be experienced kayakers with certified rescue skills (NPF, BCU, ACA or other recognized Kayaking Association). Double kayaks are more stable and suitable for less experienced kayakers.  A double kayak rental include a basic safety introduction on land. If you don`t have any kayak experience, we would recommend to join one of our courses or a guided tour.  Our courses you find here.

Things to bring

Bring windproof- and waterproof jacket for better heat and comfort. A warm sweather of fleece or wool, hat and gloves could be smart to bring. Cap, sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended if it’s sunny. Bring a bottle of water and camera.


You get a kayak, paddle, spray skirt and life jacket. It’s possible to rent wetsuits and paddling jackets. Waterproof bags can be bought.


Can I bring children in a double kayak?

It’s 5-year age limit for children in double kayak with an adult. You also need to feel comfortable your child will stay calm in the kayak.

Can I have one child in a double kayak?

We make an assessment in each case. Your experience level and the age of the child are essential.

Can I rent kayaks for more than 1 day?

Yes. It is possible to rent our kayaks for extended periods. Please contact us for a quote.

Can you pick up/deliver kayaks to locations other than Valldal?

Yes. We can transport our kayaks to your desired put in, or pick them up from your take out, as long as Valldal is either your start or end point. Please contact us for a quote.

Do I need a license to rent a kayak?

You do need a kayaking license/certification or experience with sea kayak rescue techniques to rent a kayak. Consult with our guides, and we will gladly recommend an appropriate route based on your previous experience. Paddling is at your own risk.

Do you offer tailored or private tours?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

How many kayaks are available to rent?

We have 12 single and 6 double kayaks available to rent.