Join us rafting for a refreshing and action-packed outdoor experience in an incredible setting. Rafting in Valldal is perfect for most visitors, beginners and experienced rafters alike.

Valldøla river is perfect for rafting. The exciting rapids are spread out along the entire length of the 11km river. We can promise you excitement, swimming a rapid and not least served a little local delicacy.


NOK 890,- per person


15 years and up


May – August


4 hours

Before the trip

Meet up at our office in downtown Valldal. Our welcoming guides will inform you about today’s trip and provide each guest with important rafting equipment: Wetsuits, rafting shoes, helmets, and life jackets. Once everyone is wearing their equipment and ready to go we take a bus to Hoel Bridge, where the trip begins. The trip leader will give a thorough safety briefing, before splitting the group into different boats with their own guide. Your guide will give you some technical training before we are ready to start our adventure!

On the river

We do some easy training in a safe area before the trip starts with exciting rapids and waves through on the first section of the Valldøla. As the river calms we take our first break on the riverbanks. Here, all guests get the opportunity to swim a fun river rapid. It is a surprising and rewarding experience to feel the power of the river as you safely float through the waves. Once everyone has cooled off enough swimming in the river we continue downstream through high mountains and endless fields of strawberries.

As paddle past the halfway point we pull out and take a longer stop along the river. We light a fire, warm water, and serve a local delicacy, Svele, with local strawberries and cream. It is a fantastic break and a great way to refuel before setting out on the final, and swiftest section of the river. The grade steepens and rapids increase in both number and size. After 11km of beautiful scenery, adventure and excitement the rafts float quietly out into Norddalsfjord through the Valldal village, where we head for shore. Back at the office we dry off, warm up and reminisce about the wonderful rafting trip.

Things to bring

It’s smart to bring warm, wool long underwear to wear under your wetsuit for warmth and comfort. Don’t forget a warm change of clothes for after the trip and a towel.


We provide all necessary equipment, including wetsuits, rafting shoes, life jackets, and helmets.


Do you offer tailored or private tours?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

Do you take photos during the trips?

The guides have a waterproof camera. We do our best to take photos throughout the trip. Please contact us at Facebook after the trip to receive them.

How long does the rafting trip last?

The speed of the river varies with the seasons. It generally takes between 1,5 and 2 hours to raft the entire section of river.

How long is the rafting section?

The section of river is 11km long, winding from Hoel Bridge to the fjord, where the trip ends.

How many people can sit in one raft?

There is room for maximum 6 guests in addition to one guide in each raft.

Is there a break during the rafting trip? Is food provided?

We take an approximately 30 minute break, just past the halfway point of our rafting trip. Here, we go ashore, light a fire, and serve small traditional delicacy and a hot drink.

What is the maximum number of participants on a tour?

We have a maximum capacity of 36 guests per tour. Larger groups are free to contact us regarding other activities.

What is the minimum age of participants?

Participants must be at least 15 years of age for both rafting and canyonging trips. Exceptions may be made in some cases. Please contact us.

What is the minimum number of participants on a tour?

We require a minimum of 6 participants to arrange a trip. Smaller groups are coordinated with other groups, ensuring the number of participants.

When are rafting conditions best?

The river is best in June and July. The highest water levels occur during the last half of June or after heavy rain. High water means more speed and more fun!